About Data Supply Company, Inc.

Tom Patten started selling printing and computer paper (remember that continuous paper with the holes on the edges?) in 1991 out of his home. 

He soon evolved Data Supply into the company it is today: a complete business solutions provider for printing, mailing and other sales & marketing needs.

Data Supply Company has in-house equipment for custom sheet-fed offset printing, full color digital printing using innovative Xerox technology and products, essential bindery operations, as well as a full line of mailing equipment (folders, tabbers, perforators, high-speed addressing, inserting, stamping).

We are experts in Postal mailing requirements and we use Postal certified software (needed in order to obtain deepest Postal discounts).

Data Supply delivers great service and great products EVERY DAY.

The last five years has seen the printing and mailing industry adapting to the new reality of digital marketing and sales. 

Many have predicted the death of ink on paper and the physical letter.. The truth is quite the contrary… Direct mail marketing has been reborn as a powerful channel in what digital marketers call an integrated multi-channel marketing strategy.

In other words, getting important marketing messages through overstuffed email boxes has become quite the challenge

Aggressive spam filters automatically send unread messages from unknown senders to the trash can.. People are overwhelmed by the digital chaos. Many, including Millenials,  are attached to the physical experience of receiving and opening mail.

Direct mail shines for getting through to hard-to-reach high value prospects and for salvaging marketing funnel & cart abandonment prospects. It also provides for an inexpensive and highly effective way to maintain a dialog with your existing customers. 

Direct mail remains the best marketing channel for your long form promotions… Try laying out the benefits of making a significant investment in a service or product using email.

Finding a list of like minded prospects that match your ideal customer is where list expertise becomes critical. The physical direct marketing industry has a very long and successful history for targeting those prospects most likely to buy your product and/or service. The digital email marketing industry is very young and has yet to achieve the same level of success. Spam bots, Google and Amazon algorithms and ISPs keep changing the rules and placing roadblocks to success.

Physical marketing collateral gives you the opportunity to tell your story in front of your ideal audience… Recipients can take their time to get a deeper understanding of your offer, think about the benefits, get excited about joining the satisfied group of like minded individuals…  

“Physical marketing collateral will never die. It will always transform itself to help you… “

1  attract new customers and prospects, 

2  connect with their need, 

3  engage with their decision making, 

4  trigger positive emotions, 

5  and facilitate the conversion to new customer, client or donor.

“Humans are physical beings attached to the physical world. Physical marketing & sales collateral help your business connect to that world 24/7… 

… and Data Supply will continue to help growing businesses leverage this important marketing channel.”

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