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of "Never-Ending" New Consumers or Clients

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Direct Mail Campaigns

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"Personalized B2C
Local Marketing"

Target "New Consumers" and Market to Your "House List"

  • Recipients keep physical reminders of your business and services pinned to their calendars or taped to their monitors on average for 17 days *.
  • Our “NewMovers DM” and “NewHomeOwner DM” campaigns lets you get personal with consumers desperate to find local businesses to help them form new buying habits.
  • “Personalized Drive Maps” can dramatically boost response rates when added to your mail piece.

* RetailWire 2017

"Know your Target Audience?"

Direct Mail will exceed
the Response Rate of your digital marketing

"Have a Great Customer List?"

If you don't exactly know your Target Audience, Data Modeling AI can take your customer list and find new prospects with similar profiles"

"Leverage the Power
             of Direct Mail to:"

Powerful stand-alone marketing tool for B2C and versatile tool for testing and boosting both offline and online B2B marketing campaigns

Prospect for New Customers or Market to Your House List. 

Reach your prospects through the best proven & preferred channel for “local marketing.”

Precisely target your audience(s) with personalized  messages that resonate.

Test your marketing assumptions before launching your high budget integrated multi-channel campaigns.

Successful B2C & B2B digital businesses leverage the “high touch,” highly personalizable,” and “emotion triggering” direct mail

Boost your response rate FAST with a matching digital onRamp Landing Page.

Significantly boost the response rates of digital only marketing.

Connect with those Impossible-to-reach ‘High Value’ Prospects.

Salvage digital Sales Funnel Prospects.

Recover eCommerce Abandoned Shopping Carts.

Re-activate your relationship with Dormant Customers and Clients.

"Creative &
Design Support
when you want it!"

The Core Principles for Designing an Effective Mailpiece are not rocket science. 

But if you’re crazy-busy like most business professionals…

Our In-House Creative Team is always ready to help you when you have too little time.

B2C - Highly Effective Offline Marketing
or B2C/B2B - Part of your Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing

NewMovers DM
NewHomeOwner DM

"Get Personal with
Consumers establishing
New Buying Habits!"

Personalized mailings done on autopilot for a never-ending and steady stream of new customers, new clients, new donors, new members, and new subscribers.

Advertisers and marketers know that consumer habits once formed are increasingly difficult to break unless the consumer has to move.

New place, new community, new shopping and buying habits!

Moving to a new area is one of the few life events that disrupts those habits and creates a window of opportunity to set new ones.


  • 17% – 20% of American households move every year.
  • New movers to your neighborhood typically develop more than 72 new business relationships shortly after they move.
  • 85% of them buy from the first business that contacts them.
  • Within the first 180 days, new home owners spend an average of $9,400, while renters spend around $4,700.
  • New movers spend more on average in their first six months than a typical consumer does in three years.
  • 80% of new movers redeem coupons from merchants before, during, and after the move.
  • New movers are 5X more loyal than long time residents.

Movers are not always ready to make a purchase when they first receive your offer. Be sure to send frequent communications as well as different types of offers to stay top of mind and develop brand recognition.

New movers are establishing relationships that can last for years, it is important  to keep reaching out in the 6 months to even a year after the move.

Maximum results with minimum effort. Personalized mailings are done automatically to guide new home owners and renters to your business.

You get a continuous stream of new consumers eager to buy your products and services.


Hit theTrifecta with
DATA APPEND! Direct Mail, Email, and Social Media Marketing

You deeply understand your target audiences. You have a clear Persona in mind and know that, when contact is made, prospects that match the persona will respond positively to your messages and offers.

You already know that Direct Mail works exceptionally well for reaching out to your “high value” prospects & consumers

Did you know that you can also request “appended” data that gets you email addresses and social media account information tied to an email address?


Drive Maps

"Is a 43% Bump
in Response worth

Eager consumers such as New Movers and New Home Owners want to cross off items on their moving checklist NOW!

Make your Front Door easy to find and New Movers will reward you by spending their cash with you.

They’re eager to buy so figuring out how to get to your business is the last obstacle your prospects face when deciding whether or not to act on your “Call-to-Action.”

Personalized drive maps make it easy to find your front door.

Case studies show that easing that burden can make a big difference in the response. Give us a call to discuss how the case studies may apply to your business.

Ask yourself:
"If only I could reach more People like my Loyal Customers!"

Now You Can with
"Data Modeling AI"

Big Data AI software can slice, dice, and analyze your customer list, spot common criteria, and then create custom prospect lists whose profiles best match the profiles of your customers.

Your highly targeted messages and offers are soon on their way to your best prospects. 

Want to integrate the mailing with your digital marketing

No problem. QR codes and PURLs let tech savvy prospects connect to your website. 

No website yet? No problem. A matching landing page allows your prospects to go online and send you an email to request more information or connect with your sales staff.

Direct Mail marketing campaigns are inexpensive, automated, and scale with your sales goals and objectives.

And best of all, Direct Mail complements and enhances the overall response rates for both offline and online marketing.

It one of the reasons that Google, Amazon, and Microsoft plus the legions of digital businesses rely on the physical, personal, and emotion triggering “high touch” messaging that is Direct Mail.



Direct Mail complements your
Email Marketing
when you need more time to engage with "high value" Prospects!

Direct Mail can also serve as your digital marketing onRamp without a website!

And now with digital marketing QR codes, PURLs, and matching
Landing Pages

Missing Out
On Connecting
& Engaging
with "High-Value" Consumers?



121 Emails
a day
8 Seconds
of Attention

17 Days of "Top-of-Mind" Attention Getting Bliss!

People are overwhelmed by inboxes cluttered with unsolicited marketing email. 

Direct mail arrives on a much less cluttered channel.

Studies show that, contrary to popular belief, Millennials raised with iPhones and digital devices, have a positive response to receiving personal cards and letters.

When asked, 95% of 18-29 year olds had a positive response to receiving physical mail.

But that’s not the main reason for direct mail’s enduring success in our digital world.

Direct mail is tangible and physical. Research shows that the act of giving, receiving and handling tangible objects has an emotional component. People report feeling more valued.

True Impact (a neuromarketing firm) used eye-tracking and brainwave testing to compare physical and digital media. The results showed that direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media. Being easier to comprehend, Direct Mail has a 70% higher recall rate.

So instead of competing with every other brand to capture attention online, appeal to the brain. Making contact with physical material, like direct mail, is the strongest way to spark awareness and interest in your messaging.

Why do Google, Amazon and most Internet based businesses use Direct Mail?

Mail stands out because it isn’t digital. It helps them reach prospects who might otherwise be missed by digital marketing channels. And because they know that the decision to buy is an emotional one. And Direct Mail excels at plucking that emotional string.

Direct Mail is an inexpensive and automatable marketing solution that scales with your business needs.

A “high touch” physical marketing channel that can go where digital can’t

Direct Mail is also well suited for testing your marketing assumptions, reaching the very had to reach “high value” prospects, salvaging prospects who were about to complete a purchase (abandoned shopping cart) or dropped out of your sales funnel for no obvious reason

And Don’t forget Customer and Client Retention! 

Direct Mail can do much to maintain a healthy relationship with your active customers/clients and help revive the dormant ones. Take the time to calculate your cost to acquire a new customer or client. 

Consider tapping into the “high touch” emotional power of direct mail to keep your business on their top-of-mind list. 

And did we mention the digital onRamp

Direct Mail gets into the areas where digital can’t and leads the motivated prospect to your phone, landing page and/or website.

And if you don’t yet have a website, ask us about our digital onRamp. An integrated landing page that lets you monitor the results of your Direct Mail campaign and provides you with an online presence.

So what’s there not to like? 

Call to schedule a ROI analysis of your business needs.

" Maybe you didn't know... "

Direct Mail is the Affordable Way for growing businesses & for local businesses to communicate

Linking Direct Mail to your Digital Marketing is Amazing!

" and don't forget... "

Physical Printed Collateral is Your Silent Salesforce!

Direct Mail Marketing

Perfect for the "difficult to reach"

Direct mail can reach those high value prospects that ignore their spam infested email box.

"Did YOU really think that traditional mail was dead?"

Time to rediscover this marketing channel. Google and many digital-centric businesses use direct mail to boost their revenue. So can you...

Response Marketing

Direct Mail can pay for itself and provide immediate feedback... Making it the perfect channel for discretely testing your marketing assumptions.

"Tech giant Google uses Direct Mail to drive Revenue... So can You!"

Google is one of many digital giants that rely on direct mail to  cement their relationships with their target audiences… especially for gently nudging prospects about to abandon the sales funnel and/or shopping cart.

They know that people are overwhelmed by floods of new offers and spam. People are burned out  by crowded e-mail inboxes, overlooked important messages due to aggressive junk mail filters and often don’t get follow up messages because of spam regulations.

Google knows that direct mail works well with a digital marketing campaign and helps achieve the most important part of the prospecting funnel: the Close.

They know that many ready-to-buy prospects are lost in the noise and clutter of an overstuffed mailbox.

They also recognize the benefits of direct mail for activating their call to action:

  1. easily reaches their prospect,
  2. delivers a physical experience of touching and opening,
  3. delivers a personal message tailored to the recipient,
  4. includes more information and calls to action,
  5. creates a feeling of appreciation for the effort made to personally reach out to them,
  6. provides the opportunity to present all the reasons for taking the next step,
  7. provides additional information for positioning YOU as the leading authority,
  8. profits from the additional trust people place in physical direct mail messages over email,
  9. provides a better overall ROI, and 
  10. gives the opportunity to use long sales messages to persuade the reader to make a decision to buy.

So if it’s good for Google (and many other digital savvy businesses), it most likely will work  for you…