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Direct Mail is the Affordable Way for growing businesses & for local businesses to communicate

Linking Direct Mail to your Digital Marketing is Amazing!

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Physical Printed Collateral is Your Silent Salesforce!

Direct Mail Marketing

Perfect for the "difficult to reach"

Direct mail can reach those high value prospects that ignore their spam infested email box.

"Did YOU really think that traditional mail was dead?"

Time to rediscover this marketing channel. Google and many digital-centric businesses use direct mail to boost their revenue. So can you...

Response Marketing

Direct Mail can pay for itself and provide immediate feedback... Making it the perfect channel for discretely testing your marketing assumptions.

"Tech giant Google uses Direct Mail to drive Revenue... So can You!"

Google is one of many digital giants that rely on direct mail to  cement their relationships with their target audiences… especially for gently nudging prospects about to abandon the sales funnel and/or shopping cart.

They know that people are overwhelmed by floods of new offers and spam. People are burned out  by crowded e-mail inboxes, overlooked important messages due to aggressive junk mail filters and often don’t get follow up messages because of spam regulations.

Google knows that direct mail works well with a digital marketing campaign and helps achieve the most important part of the prospecting funnel: the Close.

They know that many ready-to-buy prospects are lost in the noise and clutter of an overstuffed mailbox.

They also recognize the benefits of direct mail for activating their call to action:

  1. easily reaches their prospect,
  2. delivers a physical experience of touching and opening,
  3. delivers a personal message tailored to the recipient,
  4. includes more information and calls to action,
  5. creates a feeling of appreciation for the effort made to personally reach out to them,
  6. provides the opportunity to present all the reasons for taking the next step,
  7. provides additional information for positioning YOU as the leading authority,
  8. profits from the additional trust people place in physical direct mail messages over email,
  9. provides a better overall ROI, and 
  10. gives the opportunity to use long sales messages to persuade the reader to make a decision to buy.

So if it’s good for Google (and many other digital savvy businesses), it most likely will work  for you…